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How should I respond to a problem with my cat?

  • Any behavior problems might be medical in origin. This is why it is imperative that you consult a veterinary to eliminate any medical causes of the behavior problem up front.  
  • Call us or write to us. Many problems can easily be solved by a few quick suggestions, free of charge. If this is not the case in your situation, we might still be able to alleviate the problem by suggesting some immediate measures you can take before booking an actual consultation.
  • Several cases necessitate no more than a single phone consultation—sometimes requiring that you send us photos or videos (that you can easily providewith your smart phone) so that we may better assess the situation. Phone consultations often prove more efficient than on-site consultations, since cats tend to behave differently in the presence of strangers. Even if we did go to your house, we might not be able to witness the problematic behavior.
  • In cases related to a territorial issue and/or to the way your house is organized, it will be important for us to see the place first-hand in order to diagnose the problem correctly and suggest an adequate solution.
  • If your cat shows an aggressive or fearful behavior, a first-hand analysis of its behavior is generally essential and an on-site consultation might be necessary.

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How much does a consultation cost?






We offer a variety of packages in order to accommodate all budgets and to offer solutions for the greatest range of problems. The Cat Educator who will be in charge of your consultation will be able to discuss with you what package would be best suited to solve the undergoing issues with your cat.

We offer three different types of consultation:

  • At home (transportation fees for the Cat Educator are not included in the following packages. Please note that transportation fees will be determined according to your location and that we will always do our best to assign your case to the Cat Educator who lives closest to your home in order to keep those fees to a minimum.  After one consultation, should others be required, transportation fees will be charged, for each additional consultation. Applicable taxes will be added to transportation fees)
  • By phone
  • Through Skype

These are the different packages offered to you (exclusive of taxes):

  • $160 for 1.5 hour ($106.67 per hour)
  • $205 for 2 hours ($102.50 per hour)
  • $295 for 3 hours ($98.33 per hour)
  • $375 for 4 hours ($93.75 per hour)
  • $435 for 5 hours ($87 per hour)

We also offer additional 30-minute blocks for $60.

Students and foster families benefit from a 50% discount upon presentation of relevant supporting documents.

Regardless of the selected package, your consultant and yourself will reassess your case after 1.5h and discuss together to ascertain whether you opted for the appropriate package for your situation and to allow you to modify the package if need be.

Please note that if you do not use the whole amount of minutes covered by your package, you will have 3 options to redeem those minutes:

  • If you have at least 30 minutes left, you may convert each 30-minute block in a free participation for yourself or someone you know in one of our training programs aimed at the general public (aCATemy level 1, 2, or 3).
  • Excess minutes can be converted to a gift certifiCATe to a person of your choice.
  • If you have at least 30 minutes left, we can reimburse unused time by 30-minute blocks only. The amount to reimburse will be calculated according to the package you selected.

Each consultation includes a consultation report upon request and a short follow-up by email or phone 1-2 weeks after the consultation. 

By choosing Cat Educator, you will benefit from a guaranteed advantage: the Cat Educator assigned to your case has access to the knowledge of our whole team to better help you.



We offer three different types of consultation:

  • at home (transportation fees for the Cat Educator are not included in the following packages. Please note that transportation fees will be determined according to your location.
  • through Skype
  • by phone

Our standard price per consultation is 95 € TTC, whether on-site, by phone or by Skype. A consultation session lasts between 1.5 and 2.5 hours on average and includes a phone or email follow-up. Please note that there will be additional transportation fees for on-site consultations.

Students and foster families will benefit from a 50% discount upon presentation of supporting documents. 

By choosing Cat Educator, you will benefit from a guaranteed advantage: the Cat Educator assigned to your case has access to the knowledge of our whole team to better help you.

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Are Cat Educator's services successful?

  • Since cats are living beings gifted with unique feelings and life experiences, it would be dishonest to claim that we can solve any feline problem. However, in 85% of the cases we have encountered, a single consultation was sufficient to solve the issue with Kitty’s behavior in less than two weeks.
  • Although certain behaviors, such as fearfulness, sociability issues and some cases of aggressiveness might need a little more time and effort on your part, they might not require more than one consultation.
  • All consultations include a phone or email follow-up (for no additional fee). Whether you fear your cat does not respond to our suggestions or you simply want to make sure you are applying the techniques we taught you correctly, we will be available to help you.

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How can I find a feline behavior specialist that I can trust?

  • Currently, there is no official training specialized in feline behavior approved by Quebec’s Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur, with the exception of classes on the subject offered to students of veterinarian medicine specializing in animal behavior. Some associations with various degrees of credibility claim to offer training (which is generally very expensive) in feline behavior, but so far none of them are government approved in Quebec and Canada.
  • Although some US associations charge high membership fees, their members only need to undergo an evaluation on paper to get their certification (it can be easy to look good on paper). You should always favor associations that require their members to undergo regular training to get certified—the certification should be valid for a fixed period of time—over those that don’t.
  • Beware GREATLY of any animal behavior specialist who doesn’t hold a degree in veterinarian medicine and claims to be able to treat a medical issue or an issue relating to a medication. 
  • Review a list of the training programs that the specialist has undergone, and make sure that some of them are recent: the field evolves very fast! You can check online whether the trainers are professionals with proper credentials.
  • The number of years of experience is rarely significant. A better indicator of expertise is the number of consultations given over the last few years: first-hand experience is very important. Although training and certification are valuable, only experience will truly teach a specialist to correctly diagnose a behavioral problem. Moreover, experience will help the consultant to better interact with pet owners and to transfer his knowledge to the clientele. 
  • Ask for a minimum of three to four veterinarian references (so as to make sure that the alleged specialist does not only happen to be the friend of a vet). Bear in mind that few veterinarians will reference a consultant in animal behavior. If several do, it is very likely that you have found a qualified specialist. Also note that a consultant who enjoys a large media platform (newspapers, magazines, TV, and so on) is not necessarily qualified. The above might be surprising coming from us, the president of our firm himself enjoying such a platform. However, the media often employs so-called specialists without doing a thorough background check.  
  • Check if, during the two previous years, the consultant has actively participated in conferences in the professional animal world. A consultant of ill repute will not be invited to contribute to such events.
  •  Check if the consultant you are considering is affiliated with other businesses in the animal field, and if so for how long. Big players in the field and serious associations will rarely keep a controversial partnership. Though there might be some exceptions, it is usually a good indicator of the specialist’s reputation. 

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What services are offered where I live?

We offer our services wherever you reside.

If you are interested in a consultation at home, we serve the greater Montreal area, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Gatineau, as well as Paris and Toulouse in France.

As for consultations by phone or Skype, when applicable, long distance telephone fees are assumed by the client.

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What are my payment options?

Cash, cheque, Interac e-Transfer, credit card or PayPal.

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