About us

Our resume

Our strengths

  • Most important feline behavior consultant services firm in Canada;
  • Owns a subsidiary in France;
  • Most visited feline behavior Facebook page;
  • Courses certified by the Ordre des Médecins Vétérinaires du Québec and l'Association des Techniciens en Santé Animale du Québec. 

Our Training and Certifications

  • Member of the Pet Professional Guild
  • Certified Living and learning with animal certified
  • Promotes LIMA methods (Least Invasion, Minimal Aversive)
  • CCAD certification for our Cat Educators in France (Certificat de Capacité pour les personnes exerçant des activités liées au Animaux de compagnies d'espèce Domestique
  • Feline Foraging Toys: How to Implement, Motivate, and Stage the Difficulty Level - Ingrid Johnson Live Webinar
  • Undergraduate level class in applied ethology (12 weeks) - Marine Cassoret
  • Living and Learning with animals (8 weeks) - Susan Friedman
  • Tout sur la psychologie du chat (Everything on cat psychology) - Joël Dehasse
  • Consultation mecanic (private courses) - Joël Dehasse
  • Behavioral problem management with cats - Joël Dehasse
  • Cats in all their emotional states - Joël Dehasse
  • Cat Behavior in Society – Cat Communication - Karen Overall
  • La mécanique de consultation - Joël Dehasse
  • Cat Behavior - Jacqueline Munera (Florida, US)
  • Cat Sense - John Bradshaw
  • Animal behavior of Dogs and Cats - Dre Sarah L. Bennett et Dre Diane Frank
  • Private courses on animal training - Jacinthe Bouchard 
  • Private courses on wild big cats (lynx, tiger, lion) - Jacinthe Bouchard, Zoo Academy
  • Training mecanics - Jean Lessard
  • Clicker Training - Jean Lessard
  • Advanced training principals - Simonne Raffa
  • Preparing your clinic for more cat visits - Dre Liz O'Brien
  • Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats - Sophia Yin
  • Private training in animal health clinic (continuous) – Dr. Annie Ross
  • Comment occuper son chien intelligemment (Ho to occupy your dog) - Mathieu Lavallée
  • Tout sur la psychologie du chien (Everything on dog psychology)- Joël Dehasse
  • The Secret Lives of Cats - Roger Tabor (United Kingdom)

Our professional achievements:

  • Close to 300 on-site private consultations in feline behavior per year;
  • Recommended by over 100 veterinarian clinics in Quebec;
  • "Cat Friendly Hospital" course approved by l'Ordre des Médecins vétérinaires du Québec (OMVQ) et l'Association des techniciens en santé animale du Québec (ATSAQ);
  • Co-director of the american Paw Project in Quebec;
  • Financing activities with La Fondation BEA;
  • Invited speaker at the Quebec Veterinarian Congress (2016);
  • Teacher for the cat behavior portion at the Jacinthe Bouchard Behavioral School - Zoo Academy (Since 2014);
  • Recommended by animal shelters including Montreal SPCA and Gatineau SPCA, which also benefit from our training services;
  • Our help resources services have been retained by Mondou (since 2009), Intersand (since 2010) and Be One Breed (since 2015);
  • We teach several courses in most Quebec colleges offering an Animal Health Technology Program;
  • We have a platform on national television and in the greatest francophone animal magazine;
  • Our clientele is international (Canada, United States, France, Belgium, South Africa, Carribean)

Our presence in the media

  • Columnist for the TV show Animo, aired on Radio-Canada;
  • Several to the TV show Pour le plaisir, Marina Orsini, RDI Matin week-endDenis Levesques, Quelle histoire, Science ou fiction, Libre Service, Loin d'être bête, etc.;
  • Columnist for every edition of Magazine Animal;
  • Collaboration with specialists/columnists in La Presse (Stéphanie Vallet) and Journal de Montréal (Dr. Annie Ross);
  • Monthly article redaction for Mondou and Intersand websites;
  • Guest speaker in all major pet conferences/exhibits in Quebec and USA (SuperZoo, SNAC, Noël des chats);
  • Regular collaboration with several radio shows aired on Rouge FM, Première chaîne (Radio-Canada), Radio X, Energie, etc.;
  • Interview for the live TV show RDI matin week-end;
  • Guest speaker at the Grand rassemblement international du film félin (GRIFF).

Conferences and training programs

  • "Cat Friendly Hospital" course approved by l'Ordre des Médecins vétérinaires du Québec (OMVQ) given at the Quebec Veterinarian Congress
  • Courses tailored to students in Animal Health Technologies for CÉGEP of Saint-Hyacinthe, Sherbrooke, Saint-Félicien, Trois-Rivières and Lionel-Groulx;
  • Guest speaker for the annual congress of the Association des technicien(ne)s en santé animale du Québec (ATSAQ) in 2009 and in 2014;
  • Training programs tailored to Montreal and Gatineau SCPA employees;
  • Training programs tailored to the employees of several animal-related firms (Mondou, Intersand, etc.);
  • Specialized training progam tailored to veterinarian clinics on the alternatives to declawing;
  • Over 15000 hours of private training dispensed to veterinary clinics, specialized firms and the public;
  • Training program tailored to the Corporation des zoothérapeutes du Québec at the École internationale de zoothérapie (EIZ).


Animal therapy

  • Training of several cats for animal therapy purposes;
  • Over 1 700 hours of animal therapy dispensed at Fondation Gracia of Hôpital Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci and Val-des-Arbres      retirement homes.
  • 16h Training for l'École Franco-Canadienne de médiation animale (France)
  • Training courses given at the Zootherapy International School (EIZ)


  • Dr. Sébastien Kfoury, TV Animator and Owner of Centre vétérinaire Rive-Sud and Centre vétérinaire Laval;
  • Dr. Joël Dehasse, Behaviorist Veterinary, Author and Conference Lecturer;
  • Dr. Annie Ross, Veterinary, Journalist, Teacher at Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe;
  • Dr. Enid Stiles, Behaviorist Veterinary;
  • Dr. Serge Nadeau, Veterinary at Cégep de Lionel-Groulx;
  • Dr. Marie-Josée Hamel, Veterinary and Teacher at Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe;
  • Dr. Hélène Morrissette, Veterinary and Teacher at Cégep de Saint-Félicien;
  • Jean Lessard, Canine Behavior Professional and Columnist for the TV show Animo;
  • Jacinthe Bouchard - Jacinthe Bouchard Behavioral school - Zoo Academy
  • Dominique Rousseau, Marketing Coordinator at Mondou;
  • Sherley Gough, General Director at Intersand;
  • Audrey Lemarbre, Content Manager for Magazine Animal;
  • Chantal Brousseau, Editor in Chief of Magazine Animal;
  • Luc Rousseau, Producer at Zone 3. 

The team

  • Daniel Filion – President, Co-Founder, Training Associate, Lecturer and Senior Cat Educator (BA in Communication & Design, Certificate in Management and Marketing)
  • Josine Villeneuve – General Manager and Controller (BA in Business Administration – Human Ressources and Law Degree)
  • Éliane Cambell Richer – Customer Service Director, Senior Cat Educator and Training Associate (BA in Agronomy)
  • Elyse Desbiens-Després – Senior Cat Educator, Training Associate (BA French Literature and Linguistic; DMV candidate at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UdeM)
  • Sandie Decortiat - Training Director, Europe Division Director and Cat Educator (Minor in Biological Sciences, Veterinary Assistant degree)
  • Francis Rousseau – CCVA Director and Cat Educator (Animal Health Technician)
  • Marianne Santos-Asselin – Administrative Services Associate and Cat Educator (DEC in Office Technologies, DEC in Computer Technologies)
  • Alexandra Ricque – Media and Marketing Assistant and Cat Educator(DEC in Liberal Arts, focus in film, BTS in Audio/Visual Technologies, Certificate in Communication)
  • Audrey Dagenais - Cat Educator (MA in Mathematics)
  • Audrey Morin – Media and Event Planning Assistant and Junior Cat Educator (DEC in Interior Design)
  • Morgane Bonamy - Cat Educator in training (Masters BGEAE, specialised in engineering, ecology and biodiversity management)
  • Carolyne Bernier - Cat Educator in training (Human Health Physician)
  • Florence Jodar - Cat Educator in training, European Division (Statistician)
  • Marjorie Hudon - Cat Educator in training (Animal Health Technician)
  • Pascale Lafrenière - Cat Educator in training (BA Sociology)
  • Elena Emery-Chevalier - Cat Educator in training (Animal Care Supervisor - SPCA)
  • Élise Deschênes - Cat Educator in training (Radio Host)
  • Sophie Legrand - Cat Educator in training, European Division (PhD Archeology)



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