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Daniel Filion

Upon seeing that resources for people facing feline behavior problems were basically next to nothing, Daniel put to use his professional experience in communications and marketing in order to inform the population about the feline behavior field, as well as contributing to decrease the number of abandoned and euthanized cats. Quick to develop a passion for the field, he decides to make it a profession. Thanks to the expertise acquired through numerous training sessions with the world’s greatest behaviorists (Dehasse, Yin, Bradshaw, Friedman, Munera, Cassoret, Lessard, etc.) he obtained columnist positions for the TV show Animo, aired (in French) on Radio-Canada, and for the Animal publication. He also collaborates on a regular basis with well-known companies such as Mondou and Intersand as a feline behavior specialist. He acquired a solid reputation as a lecturer: Daniel excels at vulgarization, is beyond reproach in his way to inform the public, and is adept at entertaining his audience while teaching. 

Josine Villeneuve

Forever a cat-lover, Josine is in charge of the administrative component at Cat Educator. With her notable expertise in business management, human resources, seminars, training sessions and conferences planning, she leads our team and makes sure everyone is busy helping someone else… furry or not!

Elyse Desbiens-Després

Elyse is kind of the Cat Educator’s “human lab”. Currently studying vet medicine at the Faculté de médecine vétérinaire in St-Hyacinthe, she is also a foster family.  Furthermore, she develops, implements and evaluates new techniques applied by Cat Educator’s consultants to help the team to improve. She is notably specialized in issues of socialization and aggression.

Éliane Campbell Richer

As a trained agronomist, Eliane has evolved over the years and is now the General Manager. She is responsible for answering requests from veterinarian clinics and hospitals which contact us to organize conferences and training classes for their personnel and clients. She plans and coordinates the various team activities on top of participating in them. She also gives conferences and training classes, does consultations for clients and helps with accounting and management. Finally she ensures all team members do their respective tasks in order to offer the best customer service.

Francis Rousseau

Francis, an animal health technician, is Cat Educator’s “hyperactive researcher”. He is thus responsible to learn about new studies conducted with cats and share new theories published on feline behavior. In addition to being a great generalist, Francis developed an expertise on everything related to cat training and aggression between cats. 

Sandie Decortiat

Trained in ethology and animal behavior, Sandie always wants to learn more about feline issues. Her experience in veterinary clinics also helps her to understand cats under stress, and her objective is to contribute to their appeasing. 

Marianne Santos-Asselin

Marianne has close to 20 years of experience in costumer service in various fields. With Cat Educator, she is overjoyed to combine her assets with her passion for animals. Several years of volunteer work in a cat shelter and training in animal therapy allowed her to learn much about cat and dog behavior. Additionally, she took several private courses in positive reinforcement training, that she was able to put to practice with her own pets!

Audrey Morin

A trained interior designer, Audrey had no experience with cats except for owning cats, following Cat Educator since its beginnings and having volunteered a little at the SPA. She has shown a strong will and a lot of determination in order to acquire the requisite knowledge to become an Educator and thus cover the Trois-Rivières area. The living proof that training in animal health is not mandatory to belong to our team, passion and perseverance being the key elements!

Audrey Dagenais

As a foster host for several shelters, Audrey developed an interest in feline behavior and discovered a passion. As a mathematics teacher in CEGEP, her ability to vulgarize is an important asset when it comes to consultations. In addition, her energy has a big impact on our team and helps our business grow.

Carolyne Bernier

Trained in applied ethology by Marine Cassoret, we find Carolyne with her head buried in books but a widened look towards the animal world. Passionate about reading, photography and cats, she joined Cat Educator’s team to get closer to the irresistible four-legged friends’ captivating universe. She continues her education enthusiastically with every opportunity that presents itself!

Pascale Lafrenière

Since her young age, Pascale has been living her passion for animals which sparkled her interest in human-animal relations during her studies in sociology at Université de Montréal. She now works as an animal technician in a shelter. She loves to learn and tackle complex problems which motivated her to attend a feline behavior course and join Cat Educator.

Morgane Bonamy

Passionate about animals and behavior in general, Morgane has always lived her passion for cats. She was lucky to join Cat Educator’s team, which gave her a chance to help improve cats’ lives as well as inform and educate cat owners on their beloved four-legged friends.

Sophie Legrand

Formerly an archaeologist, Sophie transitioned her career path towards the animal industry to fully commit to her passion for cats. For approximately 10 years, she created and managed a shelter for abandoned cats to give them a warm home for cold winters. At the same time, she trained in cat behaviour with a veterinarian researcher in feline ethology whom she assisted in consultations for about 2 years before doing solo consultations. She is currently working in Paris as an assistant veterinarian and continues her studies in feline behaviour as part of personal research projects.

Pierre Paré

Today retired, Pierre is a co-founder of Cat Educator. Some of the methods he implemented are still used by our team today, more specifically those helping to stimulate back the appetite of cats that have stopped eating following a surgical procedure.


This magnificent Maine Coon is Cat Educator’s emblem. In addition to accompanying Cat Educators in conferences and public consultations, he is the living proof that a cat can be just as well trained as a dog.


This splendid Maine Coon is specialized in animal therapy and animation. Since she tolerates being petted by anyone and for several consecutive hours, she is undeniably one of the most exceptional cats in the field.


This mini lioness belongs to the Highland Lynx breed (also called Highlander). She was trained to become a cat-lecturer and to do animal therapy.


This wonderful Highland Lynx cat, trained by Cat Educator Éliane, is the latest member of our team. Her training was specifically designed to allow her to endure environments that are usually stressful for a cat, such as television sets, conference rooms, arena shows and outdoors exhibits.

Youggi et Charlie

When she was only a month old, Youggi joined Cat Educator Elyse’s foster family, through the Montreal SPCA. She then was adopted officially, and she has since educated more than a hundred kittens that were fostered in her home.

For his part, Charlie was abandoned at the Montreal SPCA when he was 6 years old. Elyse opened him her home, and since then, he has formed a friendship with Youggi. He also helps with the education of the kittens his owner takes under her wing, in order to make them prime candidates for adoption.

Thank you to our past Cat Educators who participated in building our passion.









Élise Florence

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