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Our Mission

The Cat Educator team uses its expertise and experience in feline behavior for interventions in problem solving and public information in order to ensure the development of a healthy relationship between cats and their owners. Thus, the team helps decreasing the number of cats abandoned or euthanized because of behavioral issues. 



After hearing numerous veterinarians and pet supplies stores employees speak up about the increase in the number of abandoned cats after the Laval SPCA closed down, Daniel Filion and Pierre Paré noted the lack of support and assistance resources in the field. Wishing that less cats be abandoned for issues as trivial as pee on the carpet, they founded Cat Educator in 2005.

Today, Cat Educator is the most important feline behavior consultant services firm in Canada, offering close to 200 private consultations each year. In addition to being recommended by over 50 veterinarian clinics in Quebec and Ontario, Cat Educator is a regular guest specialist in feline behavior for the TV show Animo, aired (in French) on Radio-Canada, and is a columnist on the topic in the Animal Magazine (francophone publication). Moreover, Cat Educator is cited on the pet supply store chain Mondou’s website, as well as several other websites. Cat Educator is also a feline behavior consultant for the international activities of Intersand. Of all Facebook pages devoted to feline behavior in North America, Cat Educator’s is the most popular.

Nowadays, Cat Educator has a division that specializes in help to shelters and foster homes; it developed a support and training program tailored to their specific needs. Moreover, Cat Educator works with retirement homes and care centres such as the Hôpital Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci and Fondation Gracia where it offers animal therapy services. 

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