Few Basic Solutions

The 3/5 and 3/10 m: Alternatives to declawing

The 3/5 Method

This method will ensure that in less than 5 days (on average), a vast majority of cats will use a scratching post if you follow these 3 steps.


Step 1- Ensure steadiness of scratching post.

The post has to be as stable as the tree it replaces. Unfortunately, most of widespread posts fall as soon as a cat puts his paws on it. If you already own a post, but an inadequate one, lift the corner of the sofa and steady the post by slipping its base under the leg of the sofa. Thus, your post will not only be more stable, but it will also be positioned ideally, that is, on the corner of the sofa.

The post has to be high enough for the cat to stretch at full length, so as to stretch his spine. 91 cm (36’’) is a good height for a medium cat. Please note that a lot of cats also like to use a horizontal support, such as a carpet or a wooden log. Stability is still key.


Step 2 - Put the scratching post in the right place.

Cats claw to mark their territory, amongst other reasons. It is as if they put up a “Private Property” sign in their territory. Just like us, the cat wishes to put up his sign in a place for all to see, that is, at the entrance of his territory. Since the corner of the sofa is often located in just this spot, it is often the object of the cat’s clawing. But whether the doorframe or any other place, we simply need to put the scratching post at the spot where the cat wants to claw and not where we would like him to do it. 


Step 3 - Make the scratching post appealing.

Help your cat discover the joys of scratching the post by playing with a toy stick around it, or by putting a little catnip on it. Each cat has his preferences: carpet, sisal and wood are all excellent materials.


The 3/10 Method

If a cat has already damaged a wooden structure or a furniture fabric, the mere sight of vertical claw markings will entice him to keep clawing there, even if you put up a good scratching post. Better to fix the surface and erase those marks.

Here is a 3-step method that will ensure that the majority of cats will use a scratching post instead of the sofa in less than 10 days.


STEP 1 - Make the place the cat currently uses unappealing by putting up a plastic sheet, aluminum foil or double-sided tape directly on the affected surface or else on the floor where the cat goes to claw. These textures are rarely appreciated by felines.


STEP 2 - It is essential to give an alternative to your cat. Put a scratching post on the corner of the sofa. The surface of the sofa being made unappealing in step 1, he will be obliged to use the scratching post. Please see the 3/5 method to make sure that you have a good post in the right place.


STEP 3 - Play with the cat using a stick toy that you will land on the scratching post to encourage him to dig his claws in it. You can also put some catnip on it to make it appealing. Once he becomes used to clawing the post, you can remove the plastic sheet or aluminum foil.


Claw caps

If you are still unconvinced of the efficiency of the above methods, you can use Soft Paws® while you monitor whether the scratching post works. This alternative allows you to cap each claw with a small plastic envelope. You can either put them on yourself on your cat’s claws, or ask a veterinarian to do it for a small fee.


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