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Pro aCATemy / Pro cat workshops

PRO level aCATemy (for AHTs, veterinarians, shelter staff)

Offered in French only

This course was developed with the help of teachers, veterinarians and animal health technicians in order to meet the needs of animal professionals and shelters. In this seminar, you will learn how to « negociate » with the cat and its owner to reduce the cat’s anxiety level to a minimum in order to facilitate its examining and treatment. You will also learn the concepts of body language and calming gestures, in addition to conditioning and counter-conditioning methods that can be used and taught to the owners. This course also introduces some behaviour problems and and customer advice.

KITTY MARKETING – As a bonus, Daniel Filion uses his personal and professional experience as well as his marketing training to teach you how to use your new knowledge to add value to the services offered by your organization and convince you that not only does it not cost more to adopt good practices, but you can gain from it…with factual evidence!


* Note : aCATemy PRO level is recognized by the OMVQ and ATSAQ for training credits.


Pro cat workshops

Feline behaviour training focused on the technical side which incorporates workshops and demonstrations with cats, allowing you to fully understand and put into practice the concepts learned.

The workshops take place in small groups of 5 to 5 people under the supervision of members of the Cat Educator team. Each participant will get to interact with cats, which requires a particular attention to respecting the rules established at the start of the course.

Specially designed for animal professionals dealing regularly with cats, such as feline behaviour consultants and the staff of veterinary clinics, shelters, pet stores, security and pension companies, as well as foster homes. The places available for this course are very limited, in order to allow everyone to participate in the workshops while respecting the welfare of the cats.

NEXT DATES : (dates to come)

Important – Workshops and demonstrations may be modified depending on the number of cats available as well as their physical and psychological condition. Cat Educator will always put the welfare of cats first.

DURATION – 12 hours spread over the course of two full days

Day 1 : 10h to 13h - 14h to 17h
Day 2 : 10h to 13h - 14h to 17h

Additional information :

- By prevention measures and due to the location of the seminar, we strongly advise that you wear sturdy and washable shoes and clothes, in order to prevent contaminating your own pets with potential pathogens.

- Given the amount of content in this course and that lunch break lasts only one hour, consider bringing lunch.

- By taking part in this course, you agree to respect scrupulously the rules established by the CAT EDUCATOR as well as the team of the Genevilliers SPA in order to guarantee your safety during the workshops with the cats. - A portion of the sale of our cat toy sticks will be donated to the Gennevilliers SPA.


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