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Given the strong demand for our design services, the order book for 2018 is currently filled up. Next availabilities will be in 2019. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests. Thank you for your understanding!

Whether for a single room or the entire house, for one or several cats, our design service is offered to help you cohabit with your feline without affecting the design of your home. We make it a point to suggest ideas that will ensure items for cats will seamlessly integrate with your home décor rather than turning your home into a cat tree mess and non-decorative shelves.

Moreover, we can adapt to all budgets and the skills of the decorator / carpenter. Whether transforming a corner of the living room or the entire house, our designer will adapt.

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Example of a completed project

Interior design at Dr. Hélène Hamilton of the Carcajou veterinary clinic in Alma.

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Intermediate level

Complete Level

Complete Level

NOTE: All prices listed in the table above are subject to applicable taxes. 


How will your consultation take place

Call us at 514-645-2428 or write to us at Our designer will contact you to have a short telephone conversation during which will be determined the best way to proceed and to agree on the chosen option. A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required before the preliminary consultation begins.


Preliminary consultation

  • If we cannot go to your house, a phone or Skype consultation will be required during which you will need to provide photos and videos of your home before the discussion, as well as some measurements. If the consultation is by Skype, you must be able to move easily with the camera in order to show the environment.
  • Our professionally trained designer will discuss the following with you:
    • Your overall environment and rooms and their use
    • Taking pictures and measurements (if at home, everything is done by us)
    • Materials or items you already own you want to build into your new layout (send photos of these items)
    • The level of work you are willing to do
    • Number of cats, with or without claws (to assess the required materials based on your situation)
    • Your approximate budget (just to give the designer an idea)
    • Your level of construction skill


Design proposal

  • Our designer suggests ideas, plans and photos (depending on the chosen option)
  • For the intermediate and complete options, the ideas are handed on a photo or 3D plan to allow you to visualize the suggested changes (see our examples of 3D here below)
  • Our designer will offer you ideas of stores, materials and techniques to achieve your results. 




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