Consultation & Services

Services to pet supply stores

Please note that we only associate with stores that do not sell pets or with those that can provide reliable references as to the ethical origin of their pets. 

  • Promotional public consultations
    We offer to come to your store during peak business hours to give tips and advice on feline behavior to your customers.  We can also accompany your representatives in trade shows and exhibits to draw a wider audience through our cats’ presence or our giving advice; we can even give short conferences on site for the audience.
  • Referrals
    We often suggest our clients to buy some specific supplies such as cat trees, toys or cleaning products that are essentials to solve their problems. Hence we always refer our clients to partner stores.
  • Training your employees
    We offer personalized training to all your employees (seminar or corporate dinner).
Be informed of our next training sessions
If you wish to be notified when new training sessions are available, please send us an email to asking us to be added to the Newsletter.