Consultation & Services

Services to breeders

  • Private consultations
    Upon visiting your animal husbandry, we advise you on how to enhance the well-being of your many cats.  The majority of breeders that have retained our services have noticed a decrease in their cats’ stress level as well as an increase in their sociability and a more harmonious cohabitation between the animals.
  • Conference dinners
    A few times a year, we host conference dinners in various areas in Quebec. These dinners, lasting about 2 to 3 hours, allow you to learn essential notions on feline behavior, in addition to teaching you techniques to identify very early on what type of personality your kittens are likely to develop thus preparing you more adequately to match a kitten to his ideal family, according to both the cat’s and the client’s needs. 

Be informed of our next training sessions
If you wish to be notified when new training sessions are available, please send us an email to asking us to be added to the Newsletter.