Consultation & Services

Services to veterinarians

Our collaboration with animal health professionals is sometimes necessary when it comes to solving feline behavior problems. Moreover, we are referred by more than 50 veterinarian clinics in Quebec and Ontario, many of which are current business partners who do not hesitate to contact us for advice or refer their clients regarding feline behavioral issues.

  • Services offered to health animal technicians and veterinarians

Employees of veterinarian clinics wishing to obtain information or advice in order to help a client or to address a problem encountered with a clinic patient can contact us by phone or by email.

  • Training for animal health professionals

We offer personalized training (seminars) to animal health clinics employees. For more information, contact us by phone or by email.

Be informed of our next training sessions
If you wish to be notified when new training sessions are available, please send us an email to asking us to be added to the Newsletter.