Danielle S., Montreal

Hi Sandie. I really wish to thank you: you have greatly improved my relationship with my cat. I know that an incident could still occur, but I believe I’m on the right track. I remember that you suggested that I try to integrate some routine habits in his life as much as possible, that makes him feel safe and I think my efforts pay off. And I live a better relationship with my cat since I no longer fear that he will soil my furniture any moment. Big thanks! For me, you were the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks again.


Denis C., Montreal

My cat, who had been abandoned, wouldn’t stop meowing and whining all night, every night. Thank you SO MUCH for your answer and all the precisions you gave me... Really, what a great service! Thanks again, we’ve been ignoring him completely and it seems to be working! :)


Veronique D., Montreal

Hi, I have attended last night’s conference at CVRS on the alternatives to declawing. I wanted to congratulate you and thank you. I belonged to the group of vets who did not really believe in alternatives. I love your no-blame, no-shame approach, and the fact that you realize we must bring about a change in mentalities respectfully, and that won’t happen overnight. You have convinced me that alternatives do work and that we must speak up about it. By the way, you are very good conference speaker. Thank you.


Melissa L., Montreal

Zoé, a pretty cat that was abandoned in front of the Centre d’animaux Nature de Boisbriand’s door around the age of 4 months, was afraid of humans, spat and bit anyone who got near hear. Although I knew some basics notions in behavior, I decided to ask Educator Daniel Filion, with whom I had undergone a training session, for advice. He agreed to help me for free in order to get this female cat adopted. After a few weeks of training, she has developed a trusting relationship with me, and, little by little, with the rest of the Centre’s team. She gradually started to fear strangers less and less. Today, Zoé is seven months old. She loves to be petted and accepts to be manipulated more easily. In only 3 months of training, her behavior has completely changed. She has incidentally recently been adopted by a good, loving family who will pursue her education to give her the beautiful life she deserves! A living proof that, with some effort and good advice, we can sometimes make a difference in a cat’s life. Thank you, Cat Educator.


Pierre-Luc R., Quebec City

My partner and I have attended the aCATdemy Level 1 program in October 2014 in Quebec City and we are both very satisfied with the program. Owners of 4 cats, we yielded many advantages from it. We have registered to the upcoming aCATdemy Level 2 and 3 that will take place in Quebec City in 2015. It is plain that Mr. Filion is experienced in feline behavior and we recommend his services to all cat owners. Again, congratulations to Mr. Filion and the team at CatEducator. We wish you a long and successful career!


Constance S., Montreal

Thank you very much for your article against declawing! Thanks to it, I succeeded in convincing my husband not to declaw my next kitten that I reserved yesterday! I have never declawed a cat because, like you, I do not support it! He had agreed to adopt another cat on this condition. I am very happy!


Anne-Sophie P., Montreal

Thank you so much for your advice!!! It has been several months now since our beloved cat has an exemplary behavior at night, thanks to your advice. Thank you!


Camile D., Montreal

Hi, I wanted to thank you for your precious advice. I am the happy owner of two cats. For close to a year, one of them urinated on the bed each week. I tried so many things without any result. Then, I followed your advice and put three litter boxes at their disposal. Ever since then, the issue is fixed! No word can show my gratitude to you. I look forward to reading you.


Denis C., Montreal

My cat would not stop meowing and crying all night, every night… Thanks A LOT for your answer and for all the precisions you have given me… Really, what a great service! We completely ignore him now, and it seems to be working! :)


Marie-Alexandra B., Montreal

I adopted a one-month-old kitten, but my other kitten (7-month-old) did not accept him at all. She kept attacking him! I followed your advice to the letter, and with a little patience, things got back to normal. Huge thanks! You have fixed the situation!


Marie-Pierre L., Montreal

Someone suggested that I check your website, because I had some small problems with my cats. My two-year-old female cat is very sociable with our dog and us, but when we brought back an abandoned kitten (that we took under our wing and nursed), she would spit after him non-stop, and I didn’t know what to do… An Educator suggested that I read the article on the introduction of a new cat, in addition to giving me more hints. Thank you for all your advice! My cat really had a hard time accepting the new one, and I could only let them out in turns for 2 days; now, everything is fine and Zyra no longer “pssshh” the baby! She even watches over him so he does not get lost, tee-hee!


Emilie L., Laval

Hi, I am an AHT and I attended aCATdemy Pro on March 16th 2014 with great pleasure. I thank you very much for the excellent conference. The content was very instructive, and I believe everyone really appreciated the experience!


Anne L., Montreal

I retrieved a one-year-old female cat before she was sent to the SPA. However, I could not get her to be nice with me: she bit me when my hand got too close. With all the advice I received, I progressively got her to trust me. Since then, she has acclimatized very well with her new environment, and she tolerates my 12-year-old cat and even the dog! She is very soft and affectionate. We are happy to have welcomed her in our home. Thank you for your precious advice.


Pamela G., Chicoutimi

Hello to the whole team! I wished to congratulate you for your dynamic and interesting page. It always features some pertinent facts, and we learn a lot on our furry treasures! I often wonder about their behavior and I really appreciate that you always take the time to answer my questions. Thank you!


Josee G., Longueuil

I adopted a kitten of about three months that was found outside, in very bad shape. He was probably an accident victim: part of his tail and one of his rear paws had to be amputated. He had improper elimination issues, and you have given me advice very kindly, and really took the time to assess my particular case. I was informed that the type of litter might not suit him; I followed your advice, and I felt less alone to fix those problems right away thanks to all these new ideas! And I owe you a huge thank you. I switched the litter type, and since that day, my cat has not been incontinent. I would even say that he loves his litter box. As soon as he saw it, he went to dig in it! Thank you very much.


Marie-Josee G., Montreal

Thank you for your suggestion to put double-sided tape on the garbage bins so that my cat stops emptying them. It worked! I have finally got back my peace of mind!


Diane V., Montreal

Hi! This isn’t much, but I simply wanted to congratulate the whole team at Cat Educator for your excellent work. It is always a pleasure to read your posts, and I think that this kind of page was missing in the Quebec media scene. We practically never hear about nothing but canine behavior, when the feline world is so fascinating and so vast! It is as if people took feline behavior for granted: “Oh, a cat will scratch your sofas” or “He will pee all over the place” or even “Oh, cats climb everywhere!” Yet those behaviors have to be understood in order to be avoided! In any case, it makes me want to shift my focus to feline behavior :-) Have a nice day and keep up your fantastic work!


Michele T., Laval

Hi, I attended your conference during the Refuge de Verdun Feline salon. It was magical. My partner thought you were very funny and knowledgeable. On the downside… the conference was not long enough! We would have listened to you all afternoon long, for we were thrilled to get some advice and suggestions on your part. Thank you! What a great initiative from the Refuge to have invited you. I hope they will repeat the experience.


Eleonore P., Montreal

Hi, I simply wanted to tell you that I have been a follower for a while. I own a very affectionate Abyssinian cat that always gazes at me and blinks and, thanks to your website, I understood what it meant. Today, he was lying at my feet and he was gazing at me, so I returned the gaze and blinked slowly to appease him, as you suggest. He came to me right away to sit on my lap, purring, to be petted! You have undertaken a wonderful mission! Thank you for allowing us to understand our pets better.


Veronik C., Montreal

I have a female Bengal cat and I wanted to teach her to relieve herself in the toilet using the kits we can find on the Internet. I wrote to you, because she relieved herself on our bed and I did not understand why. When an Educator took the time to explain why the toilet-training kit wasn’t good for my cat, telling me about the precise reasons why and about the natural behavior of the cat, which needs to burry his waste, I followed her advice and put a litter box to my cat’s disposal. The problem was fixed in 24 hours! Thank you!


Frank H., Montreal

Thanks to you, we have learned that the problem with our cat was… us! We brought him along everywhere for fear that he might get bored. Your numerous suggestions allowed us to fix EVERY issue (urine, aggressiveness, unsociability) we had with him. We miss him a lot when we go on tour, but as we have learned, for his part, he does not miss us, and he is doing great ever since. Thank you.


Claire N., Laval

Things are going great with our new kitties. They have quickly learned (even Chéri, our shy one) that there is a whole house to explore! Chéri lets us pet him now and he comes to us (a bit reluctantly) to cuddle, etc. It’s like night and day!


Pierre A., Montreal

Mr. Jack has adapted well to his new situations: from now on, he gives me warning signs before biting, which makes it much easier for me. He has started coming back to me to be petted (which is rather exceptional on this cat’s part). Yesterday, he came by himself and stayed 10 minutes on my lap. WOW! 2 weeks ago, I adopted a second cat following your advice. Mr. Jack was a bit upset at first, but I was surprised how quickly they “accepted” one another, if I may say so. Thank you again for your advice!


Florence T., Shawinigan

You are really good. We felt unsafe in our own house, because our cat became aggressive overnight. You have fixed it in less than an hour live on the phone. I will spread the word. A thousand times thank you!


Laure L., Quebec city

I simply wished to thank you, because we finally followed your advice. My cat barely meows now (it got better by 90%) and sleeps at our feet on a blanket. Since she no longer wanders the house meowing all night long, I sleep much better. Thank you again for your excellent advice and keep up your good work!


Poirier Family., Montreal

You have saved my cat by giving him back his joyful and affectionate character, and you helped me have a wonderful Christmas. I adopted this adorable tiny kitty who, from her arrival, started to growl, to hiss and even to attack me to the point that moving around in my apartment was problematic. Then the extraordinary Mr. Daniel Filion, from Cat Educator, came into play. I followed his precious advice thoroughly and tenaciously. In less than a month, Lili’s behavior changed radically. Before the end of the month, she rolled over in front of me and shared my bed on a daily basis. I am now very happy with her and wish that she will stay with me for a very long time.

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